More commonly known as the Triple Goddess, Trinitas is the second daughter of Chaos and is the Ruler of Caelum. She is as powerful as her mother Chaos and is the patron goddess of the followers of The Religion.

Appearance Edit

Trinitas appears as three women standing together although she represents a single entity. The women sometimes show different personalities as Dia the Maiden Huntress, Lune the Mother Goddess, and Trivia the Death Crone. The women have brown hair except for the Crone's white hair, and they have silver eyes.

Abilities Edit

  • Omnipotence: As Queen of the Gods, Trinitas can do almost anything, like her mother Chaos.
  • Trinity Force: Drawing power on all three of her manifestations, Trinitas can be very powerful.
  • Immortality: Trinitas is an immortal goddess.