Phanes is the God of life and the son of Chaos. He is life personified and is the force that gives life to all living things. He fuels Natura and he runs through the bodies of the organisms that inhabit Gaia. Every soul is made from a piece of him. He and his daughter Amara are the driving force behind the immortality of the Caelumians.

Appearance Edit

As the embodiment of life, he is the invisible mist of the soul and the invisible liquid that runs through all living things. Nevertheless, he manifests into a young man in his late twenties with blonde hair and yellow-green eyes. His form is made of life energy (mana) and therefore is mostly clear with a sky blue aura. He has golden wings and is considered the first angel. Although he is considered male, he is also shown to be the first bi-gendered/intersex being.

Abilities Edit

  • Life Embodiment: Phanes personifies Life, and can manipulate whatever is in his domain.
  • Resurrection: Phanes can resurrect dead things.
  • Life Lordship: Phanes has complete control over all living things but chooses not to intervene.
  • Vitakinesis: As the Lord of Life, he can manipulate health.
  • Life Connection: He has a connection with all organisms.
  • Immortality: Phanes is an immortal god.