Necessitas is the Goddess of Necessity and Fate, born from Chaos, and she is the embodiment of Fate or Destiny itself. She also appears in a trinity like her sister Trinitas known as the Fates. She is married to her brother Chronos.

Appearance Edit

In her singular form, she appears to be in her thirties and has silky silver hair and milk-white eyes. She wears a flowing white dress. In her trinity form, she is Nona, Decima, and Morta, with raven hair and black robes, usually wearing hoods. They hold the String of Fate in their hands.

Abilities Edit

  • Fate Embodiment: Necessitas has control over fate as she is Fate, and controls everyone's destiny.
  • Necessity Embodiment: Necessitas also embodies Necessity, and thus has control over nearly all forms of necessity.
  • Immortality: Necessitas is an immortal Goddess.