Natura is the second being to be born in the Universe, the FIrst Born of the All-Mother Chaos. The Protogenoi Goddess of Nature, she is the personification of all living plants that grow on Earth. She is less well known than her sister Gaia, whom she had to wait for to be born in order to grow since there was no Earth for nature to grow on at first.

Appearance Edit

Natura appears as all of nature but sometimes manifests as a young woman with emerald green eyes and light green skin who wears a dress made of flowers and a flower crown. In this form. she has flowing red hair.

Abilities Edit

  • Nature Embodiment: As Protogenos of Nature, she is literally Nature itself.
  • Naturakinesis: Since her body is Nature, she can manipulate it freely.
  • Chlorokinesis: She can manipulate plant life.
  • Immortality: Natura is an immortal goddess.