Kynthia is the Goddess of the moon and the hunt, daughter of Hemera and twin sister of Elius. She calls herself Cindy in the mortal world. Though she is the patron of hunters, the animals she usually hunts are resurrected and blessed by her, showing that she isn't exactly cruel. She represents the Moon at night and guides its rays to light up the darkness of the night sky. She is an eternal virgin maiden.

Appearance Edit

Kynthia appears as a young maiden in her twenties with sleek black hair usually tied up in a ponytail and striking silver eyes. She is very athletic and in contrast to her brother, pale, but rivals him in beauty. She usually wears a light gray faux fur coat over a long silver bodysuit.

Abilities Edit

  • Lunakinesis: As the moon goddess, Kynthia has complete dominion over the moon.
  • Umbrakinesis (minimal): She has minimal control over the shadows of night.
  • Lunar Healing: She can use the moon's energy to heal.
  • Animal Morphing: She can transform into animals.
  • Archery: As a hunting goddess, she has excellent archery skills like her brother.
  • Animal Resurrection: She can resurrect animals she had hunted and then bless them.
  • Immortality: Kynthia is an immortal goddess.

Weapons Edit

  • Selene: Selene is the divine bow wielded by Kynthia. It is made of adamantine and silver and fires arrows fused with moonlight.