Kaelus is the God of the Sky and its personification, and the son of Chaos. He is the literal embodiment of the sky itself, born to shield the Earth (his wife Gaia) and its inhabitants from the vacuum of Chaos.

Appearance Edit

Kaelus appears as the sky itself but manifests as a muscular man in his mid-thirties with cloudy-white short hair and a short white beard. Clouds cover his extremities, and his skin is blue with clouds or sometimes black with stars, depending on the time and weather. His blue eyes change colors as well.

Abilities Edit

  • Sky Embodiment: Kaelus is the literal embodiment of the sky and can control parts of himself.
  • Sky Lordship: Kaelus has total dominion over his domain.
  • Atmokinesis: As Lord of the Sky, Kaelus can control the weather.
  • Aerokinesis: Kaelus has complete control of the air in his domain.
  • Immortality: Kaelus is an immortal god.