Isolde is the Goddess of snow and frost and the daughter of Kaelus. She is married to Frigidianus and plays an active role in supporting the Angels of Winter. Her duty is to make it snow on earth. She introduces herself as Izzy to mortals.

Appearance Edit

Isolde appears as a pale woman in her late twenties with platinum blonde hair and icy blue eyes like her husband. Her lips are smooth yet pale and cold, and her slender body is wrapped in a dress made of pure snow. Her hair is usually seen covered in snow.

Abilities Edit

  • Frigokinesis: As the Goddess of snow, she has complete control over snow.
  • Snow Mimicry: Like her husband, she can transform herself into snow.
  • Cryokinesis (limited): She has limited control over ice but is skilled in the manipulation of frost.
  • Cryo-Atmokinesis: She can make cold weather and drop the temperature dramatically.
  • Ice Breath: She can exhale cold air that can freeze a target.
  • Immortality: Isolde is an immortal goddess.