Hydros is the God of the waters and the son of Chaos. He is married to Natura. He is the literal personification of the Ocean itself, as well as freshwater sources.

Appearance Edit

Although he is all water on Earth, his manifestation is of a handsome muscular man in his thirties with short white hair and a short white beard. He has pale blue skin like his brother Kaelus, except it has more of a cerulean tint to it. His skin flows around as it's made of water, and he has bright blue eyes the color of the ocean. Seaweed and coral cover his extremities.

Abilities Edit

  • Ocean Embodiment: Hydros embodies the ocean itself, as well as freshwater sources.
  • Ocean Lordship: He has command of the ocean and aquatic life.
  • Hydrokinesis: Hydros can naturally manipulate water, a part of himself.
  • Atmokinesis (limited): Hydros can manipulate weather related to water and the oceans, such as rain, storms, and hurricanes.
  • Immortality: Hydros is an immortal god.