Hecate was created by Trinitas to be the embodiment of Magic. While her mother created the first humans Adam & Eve, she created the first sorcerers by infusing the bodies of the humans she created with magic. They were known as Ambrosius & Minerva. Blessed with slow aging by the Goddess Amara, sorcerers were tasked with the goal of protecting humanity from monsters. Hecate is the mother of the demigod-sorcerer Merlin and thus being the progenitor of the Ambrose family bloodline. This is why Merlin was the strongest sorcerer to have ever lived. She is the Patron of Sorcerers and worshipped along Trinitas.

Appearance Edit

Hecate appears as a woman in her late twenties with flowing black hair and pale skin. Her son Merlin received her golden eyes, but they only show while using magic. Her eyes sometimes change to magenta as well. She usually dresses in a white dress that changes to black from time to time.

Abilities Edit

  • Magic Embodiment: Hecate is the embodiment of magic and has complete control over her realm.
  • Mystiokinesis: Hecate's magic runs throughout the world and in the veins of sorcerers. She knows all spells and is called upon by sorcerers to allow powerful spells to be used.
  • Omnifarious: Hecate can appear as whomever and whatever she chooses.
  • Divination: She can glimpse into the future through magical means.
  • Magic Intuition: She has a vast understanding of magic.
  • Necromancy (minimal): She can call upon spirits.
  • Fireball Projection: Hecate originated as the first being to be able to throw fireballs, an ability passed down to many sorcerers.
  • Immortality: Hecate is an immortal goddess.

Weapons Edit

  • Strophalos: Also known as the Wheel of Hecate, Strophalos channels powerful magic and when thrown, can slice through metal.
  • Klytios: Twin torches that burn with an everlasting fire that can only be put out by water blessed by the Goddess herself. They are capable of burning almost anything.