Haf is the Goddess of summer and the daughter of Hemera. She is married to Thais and is the leader of the Angels of Summer. It is said that she invented fire so that mortals can stay warm. She prefers women and is an Archangel who was promoted to God status. To the angels, she is known as Seraphina.

Appearance Edit

Haf is a tan woman in her late twenties with dark blonde hair and fiery red eyes. She is slender and wears a dress made of fire. She displays white angel wings that are engulfed in flames like a phoenix.

Abilities Edit

  • Pyrokinesis: As Mother Summer, Haf has full control over fire.
  • Aestatekinesis: Haf can manipulate summer and change the season to it.
  • Thermokinesis (minimal): She can make the temperature warmer.
  • Heat Vision: She can generate beams of heat from her eyes.
  • Zoopathy (limited): Haf can communicate with phoenixes, garudas, dragons, and salamanders.
  • Fire Mimicry: Haf can turn herself into pure fire and spread or travel in that form.
  • Immortality: Haf is an immortal goddess.

Weapons Edit

  • Auster: The Sword of the South Wind is wielded by Haf/Seraphina and its touch can cause an enemy to spontaneously combust.