Gaia is the Goddess of the Earth and the daughter of Chaos. She is married to Kaelus and is the literal personification of the Earth. She provided a place for her sister Natura to grow on and a place for future organisms to live on.

Appearance Edit

Gaia is the literal earth, but she manifests as a woman in her thirties with dirt-brown hair and bright green eyes. She has light green skin similar to her sister Natura and wears a dress made of earth and plants.

Abilities Edit

  • Earth Embodiment: Gaia is the Earth itself and can manipulate parts of her body.
  • Geokinesis: As an earth goddess, she can control earth matter.
  • Ferrokinesis: Gaia can control the metal found in her.
  • Chlorokinesis (limited): Gaia can control the nature on her but to a limited degree as that is her sister Natura's domain.
  • Immortality: Gaia is an immortal goddess.