Frigidianus is the God of winter and the cold, and son of Hydros. He is married to Isolde and is the leader of the Angels of Winter. He is an Archangel who was originally an angel promoted to God status. To the angels, he is known as Baradiel.

Appearance Edit

Frigidianus is shown to be a fair-skinned beardless man in his early thirties with icy blue eyes and white hair, nevertheless, he still looks young, His physique is lean and athletic, and he usually dresses in a navy blue suit. He displays snowy white angel wings made of snow that have a cold blue aura.

Abilities Edit

  • Cryokinesis: As Father Winter, he can control ice and snow freely, and can freeze things.
  • Kheimokinesis: Frigidianus can manipulate winter and change the season to it.
  • Hydrokinesis (minimal): He can control cold water.
  • Thermokinesis (minimal): He can make the temperature colder.
  • Zoopathy (limited): Frigidianus can communicate with ice phoenixes, penguins, polar bears, arctic foxes, wolves, walruses, dolphins, whales, and narwhals.
  • Snow Mimicry: He can transform into snow at will.
  • Immortality: Frigidianus is an immortal god.

Weapons Edit

  • Aquilo: The Sword of the North Wind is wielded by Frigidianus/Baradiel and its touch can freeze an enemy into ice immediately.