Florina is the Goddess of spring and growth and the daughter of Natura. She is the protectress of forests and the patron of parents. She is the leader of the Angels of Spring and is an Archangel who was promoted to God status. To the angels, she is known as Ariel, and she introduces herself to mortals as Flo.

Appearance Edit

Florina is a beautiful goddess in her mid-twenties with auburn hair and green eyes. She has pale skin, nude lips, and usually wears a floral dress over her slim body. She displays white angel wings covered in flowers and vines.

Abilities Edit

  • Verekinesis: As Mother Spring, Florina can manipulate spring and change the season to it.
  • Chlorokinesis: She can manipulate nature and things tied to it like trees, flowers, vines, etc.
  • Purification: An ability she received from her aunt Aurora, she can purify nature like plant life, bodies of water, and even organisms.
  • Vitakinesis (minimal): She can heal organisms to a degree.
  • Zoopathy (minimal): Florina can communicate with lions, unicorns, sheep, chipmunks, swans, forest birds, deer, cows, pegasi, and cats.
  • Toxikinesis (minimal): She can manipulate poisons to a small degree.
  • Solar Empowerment: She can go through photosynthesis and use the sun to heal and gain energy.
  • Oxikinesis (limited): She can manipulate oxygen by taking it away or generate it.
  • Immortality: Florina is an immortal goddess.

Demigod Special Ability Edit

  • Sol Florinae: Absorb sunlight to minimally heal and make food like plants, while also producing a large blast of light to attack.

Weapons Edit

  • Favonius: The Sword of the West Wind is wielded by Florina/Ariel and its touch can turn an enemy into flowers.