Evangelos is the Messenger for the Gods and is the God of speed. He is also an angel-god but his wings are infused with electricity, thus allowing him to fly at supersonic speeds. He can also run this fast and is the patron of runners and merchants, as well as the main force leading souls to their destination, along with Azrael. His father is Chronos. He introduces himself to mortals as Evan and is shown to be down-to-earth and genuine.

Appearance Edit

As the patron of runners, Evangelos himself is quite athletic and lean and appears as a handsome beardless young man in his twenties with mischievous blue eyes and curly black hair. He usually appears in a gray hoodie and dark gray sweatpants, or in a black suit with a blue tie matching his eyes. He has white wings with bolts of electricity running through them.

Abilities Edit

  • Super Speed: Due to Evangelos' electric nature, he can fly and run at supersonic speeds to the point of teleportation and is the fastest being,
  • Electrokinesis (minimal): He can use the electricity in his speed to throw as lightning bolts.
  • Realm Connection: He can cross through Caelum, Mortalia, & Inferna easily to deliver messages and souls.
  • Clauditiskinesis: Evangelos can pick locks telekinetically and lock them as well. He understands them quite well.
  • Absolute Dexterity; Evangelos is ambidextrous and has extremely good coordination.
  • Omnilingualism: He can speak and read any language.
  • Communication Manipulation: As a messenger god, he has control over this domain.
  • Immortality: Evangelos is an immortal god.

Demigod Special Ability Edit

  • Tempus Evangeli: Evangelos' children may sometimes be able to travel back in time but only up to the duration of a year. However, this ability is incredibly draining.

Weapons Edit

  • Caduceus: The Staff of Evangelos is made of pure adamantine and is a great weapon in battle. Its tip can be used to turn objects to stone.