Elius is the God of the sun and peace and is the son of Hemera and the twin brother of Kynthia. He prefers not to fight in wars but is able to if necessary. He represents the Sun in the morning and guides its light into the world while his mother Hemera open Night's veils. He is bisexual.

Appearance Edit

Elius is an extremely handsome athletic man in his twenties with brilliant golden eyes, lightly tan skin, and dirty blonde hair. He either appears with a 5 o'clock shadow or a beard and usually wears a yellow t-shirt with jeans or a suit. Similar to Amandus and Jophiel, his appearance can even make straight men desire him.

Abilities Edit

  • Heliokinesis: As the sun god, he has complete dominion over the sun.
  • Photokinesis: He can manipulate sunlight.
  • Pyrokinesis (limited): He can manipulate fire to a degree.
  • Solar Healing: He can use the Sun's energy to heal.
  • Pacemiakinesis: As the God of peace, he can induce peace and disarm enemies, but sometimes, it is not enough.
  • Archery: Despite being the God of peace, Elius is extremely skilled at archery.
  • Immortality: Elius is an immortal god.

Demigod Special Ability Edit

  • Pax Elii: His demigod children's ability can be invoked, and they can telekinetically disarm weapons in a one-mile radius.

Weapons Edit

  • Helios: Helios is the divine bow wielded by Elius. It is made of adamantine and gold and fires arrows fused with sunlight.