Cernunnos is the other being created by Trinitas and was tasked with protecting the environment and his aunt Natura. He became the God of the environment and Lord of the Animals. He is also the patron of nymphs.

Appearance Edit

Cernunnos appears as a man in his late thirties with dark brown hair and a 12 o'clock shadow. He displays antlers and has the bottom half of a goat. It was due to this that he was thought of as a Satyr or a Faun, despite having antlers.

Abilities Edit

  • Fauna-Ergokinesis: Cernunnos can harness the natural energy of animals and use it in combat.
  • Chlorokinesis: He can manipulate the environment in order to protect it.
  • Zoopathy: He can communicate with almost all animals.
  • Animal Intuition: He can easily understand animals and has an affinity for taking care of them.
  • Hydrokinesis (minimal): He can manipulate freshwater to a small degree.
  • Beast Lordship: As Lord of the Animals, he can control them if he desired.
  • Immortality: Cernunnos is an immortal god.

Weapons Edit

  • Cornucopia: Cernunnos wields the Horn of Plenty, which can shoot out an unlimited amount of food. Its sharp tip can also be used in combat.