Aurora is the Goddess of dawn and the youngest child of Chaos. She is married to Astraeus and is responsible for opening the veils of her sister Nyx every morning. Since she is the youngest Protogenos, she is more relatable and delights in watching over humanity. She is very cheerful and happy and goes by Rory when she interacts with the mortal world. Some say she, as the last child of Chaos, sparked the final creation of the universe, and the dawn of a new era, and earned the name Genesis.

Appearance Edit

Aurora is the dawn personified but manifests as a beautiful woman in her early twenties with flowing golden hair and rose gold eyes with golden specks. She wears a rose gold dress and her skin is fair and rosy. She is the other Protogenos to be an angel, with the other being her brother Phanes, and she displays divine golden wings.

Abilities Edit

  • Dawn Embodiment: Aurora is the embodiment of Dawn and thus manipulates her domain.
  • Photokinesis: She can control the morning light.
  • Cryokinesis (minimal): She has control over frost.
  • Hydrokinesis (minimal): The morning dew is said to be her tears, and she can somewhat manipulate water.
  • Purification: Aurora can purify anything she touches.
  • Universe Creation: Though this ability wasn't discovered until 2018, Aurora has the ability to create universes like her mother Chaos, as she is Dawn and would personify the Dawn of Creation. Despite being the youngest child of Chaos, she is very close in power as her mother, and with this realization, she is feared and respected by the Caelumians, especially her siblings. She, however, chose to not use this power.
  • Immortality: Aurora is an immortal goddess.