Astraeus is the God of dusk and the son of Chaos. The stars are a part of him and he is literally the personification of Dusk, the time before Night. He is married to Aurora and invented the concept of astrology, thus he is the patron of astrologists.

Appearance Edit

He is Dusk personified but appears as a young beardless man in his early twenties with beautiful dark blue eyes that resemble the sky just after sunset. He has short dark brown hair and dark skin. He wears a robe that is navy blue at the top and leads down to gradient colors of a sunset, covering his athletic body.

Abilities Edit

  • Dusk Embodiment: Astraeus is the embodiment of Dusk and has free range to control his domain.
  • Umbrakinesis (limited): Astraeus has limited power over darkness.
  • Asterokinesis: Astraeus can manipulate stars as they are part of him. He can create and destroy stars, and can even alter the Sun.
  • Corona Breath: He can use stellar energy to blast out a powerful beam from his mouth.
  • Divination (limited): He can see the future through stars and is the patron of astrology,
  • Immortality: Astraeus is an immortal god.