Amara is the Goddess of youth and immortality and the daughter of Phanes. Like her father, she is an Archangel. She introduces herself to mortals as Amy, and although she is shown to be a fair and just goddess, she shows disdain towards humans, but favor towards sorcerers, which is why she provided them with extended longevity.

Appearance Edit

Amara is shown to be a beautiful pale maiden in her mid-twenties with long light strawberry blonde hair sometimes seen in a braid crown. She is slim and wears a white dress, and has shining rose gold eyes, a feature she received from her aunt Aurora, as well as dazzling rose gold angel wings.

Abilities Edit

  • Hebekinesis: As the Goddess of youth, Amara can manipulate youth and even grant youth and immortality to others. However, she could also accelerate a person's age. She would be summoned to make new gods or angels.
  • Vitakinesis (limited): She can heal others to a certain degree, and when she grants youth, the target could be minimally healed of illness or injuries.

Demigod Special Ability Edit

  • Immortalitas Amarae: When this ability is triggered, her demigod children can become immortal and indestructible for two whole minutes in battle. Furthermore, her children also have extended longevity like sorcerers.

Weapons Edit

  • Juventas: The Cup of Amara is a golden cup that when filled with water, turns the water into ambrosia, the nectar of the gods. This is used to make immortals. In combat, it can transform into a stunning golden sword.