Amandus is the god of love and beauty and the son of Necessitas. He is born an Archangel and is the most beautiful of the gods, but chose to marry the God of wisdom Solomon because he fell in love with him. He goes by his French name Amand in the mortal world and is the patron of both married couples and unwed lovers, as well as the LGBTQ+ community due to their struggles. He is shown to be very caring, loving, and understanding. Amandus is pansexual.

Appearance Edit

Amandus is incredibly handsome and attractive and appears as half-Caucasian and half-Asian with dark brown/black hair and soft amber eyes with pink specks, as well as a dazzling smile. He is actually athletic and enjoys engaging in physical activities with his step-brother Evangelos, and has a toned body to show for it. His entire being is desire, and can thus attract anyone, regardless of gender and sexuality. He displays white angel wings with a hardly noticeable pink aura.

Abilities Edit

  • Amokinesis: As the God of love, he has absolute control over the realm of love and can also arouse bliss in others.
  • Absolute Beauty: Amandus is the source of beauty and possesses the purest form of beauty, making him almost irresistible to others. He can thus make people question their sexuality.
  • Florakinesis (minimal): Flowers bloom wherever he walks, and he can manipulate those flowers.
  • Zoopathy (minimal): He can communicate with doves and summon them, and they do his bidding.
  • French Fluency: He is fluent in the language of love.
  • Persuasion: Amandus has the power of persuasion and he can compel people to do whatever he says with his angelic voice.
  • Seduction Intuition: As the Lord of Love, he knows everything about pleasure and can always satisfy a person to the fullest. This also reflects his charming personality.
  • Love Constructs: He can manipulate pure love energy into pale pink constructs and use them as blasts or pillars to attack, and can also manipulate them into force fields.
  • Healing Kiss: A kiss from Amandus can effectively heal almost any physical or mental injuries. The kiss doesn't have to be on the lips.
  • Relationship Identification: He can identify whether people are spouses, lovers, friends, family, etc.
  • Immortality: Amandus is an immortal god.

Demigod Special Ability Edit

  • Beneficium Amandi: When his demigod children trigger this ability, they are able to temporarily protect the minds of themselves and their allies from mental attacks.

Weapons Edit

  • Eros: The Bow of Amandus has arrows that can induce love in a person for another person, and in battle, its arrows can temporarily stun enemies with confusion.